Michael Croft is a teacher at Edinburgh College and is also a band member at Lilydale SDA
Church. Born in Perth, but raised between Avondale, Adelaide, and Melbourne as a pastor’s
kid, he has had quite the childhood adventure.

He attended Edinburgh College, known then as Lilydale Adventist Academy, for his
high school years with our very own Woody as one of his teachers. With his father, Pastor
Darrell Croft, attending other locations as part of his pastoral administration role within the
church, Michael and his siblings attended the Academy Church on the school grounds with
their mother, Lesley Croft.

Michael is a big part of the Lilydale Worship Big Band, Lilydale Trombone Choir,
Gospel Gang Orchestra, and a new experiment called Lilydale Brass. First introduced to the
trombone by his teacher, Woody, Michael loved playing the instrument in band and music
exams, continuing his love for the instrument today in church and community events.
“During Covid, I realized that one of the things missing from my life was music,” he
says. He also introduced his children to music: with Dawn and Eden on the trombone;
Bethany, Adrielle, Jethro, and Cedar on trumpets; with a side of piano lessons from Grandma

After his time at the Academy, Michael decided that he wanted to spread the news
of Jesus and promote the Church’s mission as a teacher, starting his path toward Avondale.
During his time there, he met Kate, who was also studying to be a teacher. “She was fun and
intelligent and, before I graduated, I asked her to marry me,” he says.

Michael originally studied to be a Maths teacher, but the lectures he attended
changed his path to being a Chemistry teacher instead—a choice he doesn’t regret because
he enjoys being able to design the science course for his students.

Michael’s time in his Sabbath school class, located in the church office across the
foyer, “is one of the highlights of my week.” Their class is led by a host, who encourages
people to share from their week, and a discussion leader who supervises the Bible study.
The insight from group members means that each study can lead to deep and thoughtful
discussions from only a couple of interesting questions. Michael welcomes any interested in
joining or visiting their Sabbath school class.

James Biddle